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Collaborative Work with Youtube

video, sound, glass


This is one of my master degree school work.

I choose to collaborative with YouTube, in the process, I investigate a special way to create work with the second biggest searching engine in the world.

I was using the NDI tools to live streaming the youtube channel and plug in into a VJ software - Resolume Avenue. I put different effects on the video in the real-time, projected on the next monitor, and  screen recorded the result.


Youtube was used to recommend the video to me based on my watching history and the trend. I create the communication between Youtube and I through pressing the next video button. I can accept or decline the Youtube decision in the process of creating work.

During the process, I have no idea what video Youtube are going to provide. In the other words, Youtube provide me colours and I make the colour movement in a real-time.


After the recording, I remixed the sound and selected clips based on the sound. After retouched, I choose a glass to be the medium to present the video work. 

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