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Unconscious Pleasure

3D rendering & 2D collage


This series was used for a book cover competition. The topic is "what is beauty means to you". 

What do I think about beauty is a pleasure. And this is an unconscious positive feeling that we cannot use any conscious thinking to measure it. The feeling is intangible and abstract in shape.


One day, I was thinking about how can I visualised the pleasure, and I looked up to the sky, sunshine inspired me.


There is no standard judgement for all the beauty in the world, everyone has different perspectives on beauty. Once people recognised beauty, it provokes a positive feeling to them, and probably this is the reason why we are human.


Because of living, we are able to have such a pleasure, at the same time, this pleasant feeling reveal the benefit to be alive.


So I created three abstract shapes in glass texture, ( as the pleasure = steady, strong and powerful ), it is transparent and contains 3 vague words: HOPE, LIVE, SURVIVE

I redesigned the layout a bit after the submission. 

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